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Tax Preparation Services

Tax preparation service has been our forte for almost four decades. Universal L. Services has a solid experience in tax preparation. Our customers are extremely satisfied with our tax preparation services and return to us year after year. We provide the best in class service with attention to detail, to all our customers. Our tax services include below.  

Income Tax Preparation: Personal & Business

Personal income tax does not apply to the State of Florida. But federal income tax applies. Every person or an organization, institute, association doing business, must apply for tax returns. Our staff is specialized in tax preparation services, and you will be able to benefit from our services. 

Rapid Refund

If the tax you owe is less than the fee you have paid, you are eligible for a refund or tax rebate. These refunds are often paid at the end of the tax year. If you have paid excess tax, you can avail our services to ensure that your excess payment is refunded. Out services at Universal L. Services will provide a rapid refund of your taxes. 

Business Incorporation

Tax preparation of business corporation is different than a personal income tax preparation. Corporates, businesses, and non-profit organizations must pay certain taxes that an individual does not such as property tax. As a corporate, you must fill form F-1120 which we can help you with. We specialize in corporate income tax return filing, and we can provide the best service to you in your tax preparation.


If you are a corporation and you need to make corrections to the returns filed initially using form F-1120, you must submit form F-1120X. This form must be filed as soon as there is a change in taxable income. It is a tedious process as it needs to be supported with proper documents. Our tax preparation services will help you file your amend returns within the deadline provided by the department of revenue. 

ITIN # Application

Individual Taxpayer Identification Number is a number issued by the Internal Revenue Service or IRS. ITIN is required to file income tax returns if you are not eligible for a social security number. To apply for an ITIN, you must submit a completed form W-7 along with original and valid U.S. income tax returns, and other documents. Your application can be declined if the documents submitted by you are not valid. We give utmost attention to such details and ensure the smooth processing of the application. 


We provide you the best bookkeeping services that are available in Florida. Our experienced staff will record all financial transactions that are required for the successful running of the business. Our experienced team will help you keep your accounts organized for all purposes. We have extensive experience in all standard methods of bookkeeping.

Tax preparation courses

Are you interested in being a tax preparer? We offer classes for those interested in understanding how the tax process works. With several decades of experience, we offer the best tax preparation course in Florida.  

If you need any help with your taxes, feel free to contact us.

Universal L. Services Income Tax Services Customer Waiting Area

At Universal L. Services, we believe in customer service. With these core values in place, we have been in business for almost four decades. Thanks to our customer’s loyal patronage, we have been successfully growing over the years.   

Tere Leon Income Tax Services Professional

Our experienced staff will ensure that all aspects of your tax filing are taken care of, without causing any inconvenience to you.


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