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Welcome to Universal L. Services

Your best source for Tax, Immigration, and Notary Services.

Experience you need, results you want

Many people migrate from one country to another to find happiness and success in their careers. Immigration has become a common trend now. People look for opportunities in the U.S. hoping to live the American Dream. Many people succeed in coming to the U.S., but immigration laws fail them.
Are you one of those people that immigration law has failed? Are you in need of help to live your American Dream? Universal L. Services is here to help you. We provide all kinds of immigration services to ensure that you can live and work in the U.S. legally.

Our services include

  • Helping you get permanent residences or green card
  • Help with the application for citizenship or naturalization
  • Guidance for filing for immigration of close relatives and immediate family
  • Gathering and filing of travel document
  • Filing a petition for re-entry of eligible resident
  • Help you to get a work permit
  • Guidance to attain the affidavit of support
  • Help attain work permit if you are an illegal immigrant under DACA.

A tradition of excellence

For almost four decades, we have been providing tax preparation services to the residents of Florida. Tere Leon and Ivis Chao believed in customer service to be the stepping stone to success. Due to the excellence in the services provided by us, our customers return to us year after year. Customer loyalty has helped us grow over the years and reach our objectives.
We are glad to be a part of one of the best tax service providers in the State of Florida.

Our services include

  • Personal and business income tax preparation
  •  Rapid refund for those who are eligible for a tax rebate
  • Tax preparation of business corporation or corporate income tax return filing
  • Filing of amend returns within the deadline and with supportive documents
  • Applying for Individual Taxpayer Identification Number and filing the necessary documents
  •  Bookkeeping services that include all standard methods of bookkeeping

We also provide tax preparation course to those who are willing to learn how to file for tax as well as to those who want to be tax preparers. We follow a tradition of excellence under the guidance of Tere Leon and Ivis Chao.

Our excellent staff will provide you will the benefit of high-class service. No problem is too small to ignore and too big to solve. Tax and immigration services or notary services, our staff at Universal L. Services will be at your service.


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